Someone who doesn't exist (part 2)

someone who'll tell the truth even if it will make me furious, or even if it hurts, because he'd know that to lie or not to tell would bring even greater consequences

someone who'll be as wacky as i can be

someone who'll just kiss me on my forehead and say, "how was your day?"

someone who'd need my presence as much as i'd need his

someone who can stand on his own feet, make his own decisions, and be strong enough to stand by it

someone who's not insecure, because i myself need to assure myself

someone who doesn't just talk crap, he does his crap too - meaning he's not all words or stories, but he does what he says

someone who's level headed, because i can be stupid sometimes

someone who not double-minded but has a stable brain wavelength

someone who doesn't want everything in double doses (not two girlfriends, not two wives, not two of everything)

someone who sticks to the plan

someone who'd respect me as much as he wants to be respected

someone who'll be able to take care of me

someone who'd be able to control me at times when i get cranky

someone who'll see the real me, and not through the screen that other people have made him look into

someone who can be stupid sometimes, just to enjoy the day with me

someone sensitive, someone caring

someone who'll just hug me and say nothing, just breathing lightly into my ear

someone sweet, but not too sweet; someone romantic, pero di naman yung nambobola lang

someone who'll embrace me as i am, with perfume or not

someone who seems ideal, but he's not

someone who doesn't exist


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