Virus that Spreads thru IM!!!

To all the people that use any kind of instant messaging service or software, please please please, beware of this new type of virus that kinda destroys your current hard disk. Well, not really DESTROY destroy, but the only thing you can do to be able to use your computer again is to have it reformatted. Of course, that means, there is a great possibility that you lose all your files! And if you use instant messaging in your workplace, then it might be spread to your local network and cause a system bog down - because once you've opened it, it then sends itself to all your instant messaging contacts, and the dimwitts might then be curious enough to open it and voila! Another wave of virus attack. The url that the originator has clicked is this:


It's crazy but it's true, I've received news already that a small company near our workplace got infested by this virus because of their friggin' IT person - I think he became too curious 'coz of the file's title - PINAYCUTIE_SCANDAL. Who, in his freakin' pervert mind, will not be curious?! Right?

So guys, be aware and take care.


  1. It's always the ones with the porn names huh? That IT should be fired, not 'cause of what he did, but 'cause of what he doesn't know. How can you see an .exe file and not know it's a program, and coming from a site like Rapidshare, possibly a virus?

  2. i wonder how these people find YM addresses... is it just random, you think?


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