Is it Raining?

Matet had a funny story to tell, but I'd rather be the one to spread the word. Yesterday, she went out of the office for a bit to go to the nearest Metrobank branch, and since it was so so near {that's why it was dubbed the "nearest" branch} she just decided to flex her hamstrings and calves and walk towards the bank.

Since it was yet the sunny part of the day, she used her trusty umbrella to shield her from the rays. And she came across a foreign guy, who was carrying a tank of LPG on his shoulders and unsurprisingly, enjoying the sun. Unexpectedly, this guy wanted to get some unwanted attention from Matet, so he greeted her by saying:

"Is it raining Madamme?"

You could just imagine how eyebrows crossed and uncrossed when she heard that. Haha!


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