Stop Staring!!!

Found this new creative way of showcasing the talent of photographers worldwide.

Although the competitions are currently temporarily suspended, the whole idea of the 'thing' was to display the amazing images taken by some of the world's finest photographers, some of which don't even know that their shots are quite the eye candies.

What Made You Stare did was to start a contest wherein the reader/viewer just has to look at the images on the gallery and pick one that caught his/her eye. After that, if while staring at the image that made him the curious cat he finds a hidden MYS logo, all he has to do was fill out the online form with the image ID and.... he has just entered the contest. It's just that simple.

But the thing is, I have no idea why it got temporarily (according to the site) stopped. They're just going to email all the participants when the contest resumes. There wasn't even the clearest idea what the prizes were. They just stated was "some fantastic cash prizes".

Anyway, enjoy the display.


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