What's Your TRIBE?

I've been browsing around the net and "accidentally" bumped into this widget somewhere and it said "MY TRYBE".... I thought it was really something about discovering the roots of your name and finding out that you're a part of an indigenous tribe somewhere.

But I was wrong.

It was a social bookmarking and/or networking site that connects you to people who share your taste and the things they love. They have termed it as “taste networking” and this is the basis for how MyTrybe works. You can see my widget at my right most sidebar.

It showcases other blogs that match how you have rated their posts based on the categories, and then they match the blogs by showing off those whose scores or ratings are almost like yours. It somehow works like mybloglog, only it can show other readers/visitors of your blog which are most likely your kinda stuff.

So if you'd like, just try it our. It's MyTrybe. Ok?


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