Are You in Heat?

You read that right. I asked the question, "Are you in Heat?" No need to flag me or anything, 'coz that's not the "in heat" I was referring to.

This phrase had it's time in the airwaves of Philippines at one time, I think it was a softdrink commercial, just correct me if I'm wrong, I also can't find a video of it stashed anywhere, but it basically runs into something like a guy enters an elevator, a sexy girl already in it. And then, masculine impulse kicks in and he wanted to make an impression, so he bluntly asks, "Are you in heat?" instead of asking something like "Are you feeling hot?" or Are you hot enough to want what I'm holding?" or something to that effect. The idea was fascinating, funny, and leaves a long-lasting impression that you simply can't ignore ever watching it once in your life.

Anyway, got to go... They already turned off the airconditioning, which means, it's log off time. Cheers!

Oh, if anybody knows where to dig up that commercial video, can you leave me the link? Thanks!

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