Can't Upload Pictures to Blogger and Yahoo! Mail

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I thought it was just my computer saying "I'm sick", but apparently, it has been a problem amongst bloggers since last year.

I read in another blog that there has been a resolution already... Well, I really don't think so.

I hope someone knowledgeable can read this post because today, just to upload 3 pictures, I had to try all three known browsers. Only Internet Explorer succeeded in uploading the pictures, but still took too much time than it used to. What exactly is wrong? Is it something about Blogger or is it caused by me and my endless fiddling with my browsers?

Next, I have tried several times to attach images to my yahoo mail. They're not at all harmful because they're just images of scanned copies of airline tickets - but heck, it just can't be attached. So I stopped, and started hating yahoo mail quite a bit. If it just wasn't because of the chat thing, I'd change email providers.


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