Turquoise Bangle - Almost Bella-like

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the packaging, with the bubble wrap!I was so excited this morning when a small package arrived courtesy of our HR... I was just about to wrap up my morning prayer when our HR person suddenly knocked on the door and handed the package over. my skin looks so dark!

What greeted me when I opened it was the ever-fascinating and stress-relieving bubble wrap, the next layer of protection was a lavender pouch, and then a ziploc-like plastic pouch which contained the item. I couldn't find one that matched

My joy inched a notch higher when I saw the turquoise and silver bangle I stumbled upon on Beadazzling.co.uk when I was poring through the internet looking for a bangle or bracelet that looked like the one that Bella wore in the movie Twilight.


  1. your lay out is FAN-TAS-TIC
    how did you do it (A)?

  2. @Nadine,
    thank you, glad you liked it... actually, I just saw a tweet from @cheth that he has a compilation of really nice blogger layouts, and when I checked it out at http://chethstudios.blogspot.com/2009/01/roundup-of-best-blogger-templates.html Ii really liked this one so I tried it out... good enough, with about more than an hour of tweaking, I managed to add one or two more widgets that I liked and here it is...

    Hope you come back to read more and subscribe to my updates via email...


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