In Support of Earth Hour

We (meaning I and my fiance) are so supporting Earth hour... We might be doing the following for the whole one-hour event:

  1. turn off all lights around the house
  2. turn off appliances and unplug everything
  3. instead of using candles, which can emit smoke and additional heat, maybe we'll using tiny teeny flashlights or torches
  4. we'll lock all doors around the house, except for the main door, to comfort ourselves from the thought of possible bad elements who might decide to take advantage of Earth Hour
  5. go out to the lawn and look around under the moonlight
  6. talk about amusing things and whatnots until we forget that one hour has passed
  7. even if Earth Hour ends, we'll do our best to keep in mind the objectives and mission of Earth Hour and try to embody it everyday - not just for an hour
Hopefully, all of us decide to participate. I know our Office is participating, everything will be turned off, maybe except for the generators...  :)

Don't forget to visit their site for more info:

Let's be conscious, let's turn off the lights! Ready?

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