Searching for the Stinky Fish

I'm currently installing TweetDeck on my laptop while typing this because I wanted to be updated with the tweets as often as possible. The main reason?

Because I want to take a peek at the links posted by the tweeple (Twitter people). Actually, I've already spent about half an hour in the net today, visiting ODesk pages, trying to look for good money-making opportunities from other web-savvy people like me. Not just articles and paid-to-click gigs, but the real bucks.

Aside from looking busy staring at my screen and pounding on my keyboard, I also look quite like a ninja right now because I have my coat tied around my head just to securely cover my nose. Our God-forsaken office is just too... smelly. The vent, I think, is connected to the exhaust of our darling little cafeteria which now is cooking, or frying, fish for tonight's dinner (they serve dinner for the night shift guys), and fish, because they're observing Lent.

Darn. Really smells fishy.

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  1. I'm curious to hear how ODesk goes. I signed up, but haven't taken any assignements yet.


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