Procrastination is my Favorite Sin

It used to be Vanity - at least the line used to be like that, "vanity is my favorite sin"... from the Devil's Advocate.

It's really notmy favorite sin per se... it's just that it's what I often commit. Procrastination in this sense:

I usually can spend about half my office day just checking emails and posts in twitter and plurk - because I couldn't find a better and more systematic way of doing it!

Another half I sometimes spend just thinking about what post I'm going to log here. I want something with the utmost bearing and impact, something that will draw a lot of readers and actually keep them reading. Something that will call the attention of even the newcomers and passers by. I wanted to write something that's solid enough to earn my place. But the result is, I just almost spent my whole day thinking and doing nothing at all. I do have plenty of reports to check and double-check, I have a team to supervise, have plenty of things to do, but I find myself trapped in this cycle almost everyday. Hmmm, I'm really looking forward to Problogger's 31 Day challenge - How to improve your blog in 31 days. Sounds good huh?

Why don't you join us too? I just signed up and maybe you'd like to participate? Sign up Here...

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  1. There are a lot of thing happen everyday. Just watch and observe around and there and plenty of issues can be your writing topic.


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