Casual Day at the Office

I arrived in the office today and gathered quite a few glances and second-glances from the people... Why? Because, I arrived with my hair curly!!!

I've always wanted to try this look on me to see whether straight hair, or curly, is really for me. So I bought some sort of twistees or benders, whichever you call 'em and tried it for myself!

So here are a couple of pics I took from inside my office (forgive the quality though, my camera phone is not that good)...

And by the looks of it (and all the looks I got because of it!), I like having a few curls in my hair... :) I think when my hair is given a go signal to have another treatment, I'd ask a stylist if I can have semi-permanent curls...And have him/her judge if I can carry them well... Hehe!


  1. Wow! You're pretty! Nice curls. Great blog! keep on posting! :)


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