Droopy.... Zzzz....

For the nth time, I slept late last night and I was too tired to wake up early so I arrived in the office at about 9:30 am… I’m dead…

I really don’t know what’s with my body clock nowadays but it just can’t seem to grasp the idea that I have to sleep by midnight. It has started to go haywire and I really can’t understand why – I’m not thinking too much about anything, nor was I trying to reminisce the things of the past. I just seem to stare at the tv longer than I used to. Hmmm… What the heck’s my body preparing for?! It should give me a decent explanation in the nearest future or else… Hehehe!

Anyway, I’m in my office and my internet connection seems to be slower than usual – that is, when I have an internet connection. It’s either absent today or is not doing well. At least I got to check some emails and visit some of my online accounts. I just have to find a way to decently post this to my blog (and if you’re reading this already, then Eureka! I was able to successfully upload my post! Hehe!).

Cool thing is, I’m again, shivering because of our ACU (airconditioning unit) and I really can’t do anything about it. Grrrhhh… At least I received a text message from a friend saying that there is an opportunity for me to work part time or to work at home writing for a home-based business, interesting…. Hehe!


  1. Hey, I recently added a news widget from www.widgetmate.com to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.


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