On "Rebound" Relationships

I found my way to this blog thru one of my recent visitors, Edz, and I kinda unwittingly found this post also on avoiding rebound relationships. I found it hard to avoid thinking of what happened to my own relationship and couldn't help but think whether or not my ex-boyfriend even thinks if what he's really having right now is a rebound relationship or not.

I'm not being bitchy right now, ok? I am genuinely concerned for the girl that my ex is now going steady with. Just imagine the circumstances, that just about a few DAYS after we broke up, they already became a couple. Unless of course, my ex was already courting her before we even broke up, right? So maybe only he can really answer this. I hope YOU are reading this post right now... Hello?! Can anybody please tell him to read this?!

I really don't know what's going on with them, and that's also a factor that I'm considering because actually, if you really think about it, any girl may think that this may or may not be a rebound relationship. Unless, again, she was promised beforehand that it was not, and that my ex was just waiting for me to initiate the break up.

Ok, so because of this post I'm now getting confused about what really happened with us, but one thing's for sure, something bad happened and what he did was to refract his feelings on me by saying things like, "O, baka meron ka nang ka-date jan ha?", "Don't you flirt around with guys there, ok?", "Think of our future hunnie, ok? Don't do anything stupid!", and things like these. I was just stupid enough to have trusted him almost completely again after a similar incident in 2004. I honestly felt downright stupid for not believing people when they told me "he did it once, he can do it again..." and now I know. Learned it the hard way though, but it was a lesson learned.

I just genuinely hope that if he really cares for this new girl, that he won't do the same to her. I hope he got contented in making me one of his victims for the longest of time, and I really wish he won't hurt other people anymore.


  1. Well...is your ex still dating his rebound girl??


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