As Promised... Update on Testing OWTs

I posted before that I'm supposed to be testing some old wives' tales about determining the gender of my unborn baby, and that after the weekend, we would be 100% sure already since we'll be having an ultrasound. Well, surprise! We didn't.

I was so disappointed when Dr Cyd told us we still should wait for another month to have our ultrasound. Grr. And I was so hyped over Thursday and Friday because of excitement which all of a sudden turned into disgruntlement because our OB still wants to wait for another month just to have the gender determined. Hmm, I wondered why but she just keeps on telling us that we should wait another month so that the sonologist/ultrasound technician will not commit any mistakes in telling us whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Hohum. Duh. So we'll just have to wait until November 13 or 14 to finally know.


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