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Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

One of the eternal questions in this world, and here are some of my personal opinions/ideas.... :)
Because some other gossipy chicken was on the other side motioning something to this chicken, so this chicken - not quite understanding what the gestures meant, was overwhelmed by her curiosity so she quickly and quite stupidly crossed the darn road.the macho rooster was on the other of her eggs rolled over to the other listen to the ongoing debate on "Which came first - the chicken or the egg?"to try and commit suicide because the rooster left her for another challenge itself to cross quickly - and maybe force itself to learn to fly...expressway or a small rocky bikepath? harhar...

Santa Baby Singer Dies

Who doesn't know that sexy voiced song that starts with "Santa Baby"?

Well, sad news, the singer who owns that lovely sultry voice, Eartha Kitt, has already died at the age 81.

For more details, here's the yahoo link....

Bloggers Freedom in the Philippines

Just saw an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Blog Addicts section where the Vietnam government has apparently set a law on blogging. There is says that the government can ban any posts that undermine national security, incite violence or crime, disclose state secrets, or include inaccurate information that could damage the reputation of individuals and organizations.


Good thing I'm Filipino.

Christmas Day Rain

As most of us know, since it's Christmas we all take a leave from the hassle and bustle world of our Office and go back to our families from other parts of the country. Mine stay in Mindanao.

Today is Christmas Day, post heavy dinner syndrome for us Pinoys. I'm a bit queasy from too much blood sugar, but what the heck, it's the holidays.

So updates for the surviving subscribers of The Office Chronicles. It's raining here today in this part of Mindanao, and my hard-headed brother and his soon-to-be brother-in-law went on a ride to the center of the town to canvass for wood planks. We have to replace the steps of our stairs... Hehehe... So now, they came home looking like wet chicks. Oh well. Think they're finished bathing.

Got to hand 'em the towels... :)

Christmas in Zamboanga Sibugay

I'm gonna be spending my two weeks vacation here in Zamboanga Sibugay with my family... Haven't been here since the wake of my grandmother last June.

Hmm, so far, here are the details:
We (BF and me) brought in 7 bags in total - which includes 1 stone two-burner stove.... waaaah!!!The travel took - 7 hours to Dumaguete, 4 hours from Dumaguete to Dapitan, and about 4 hours Dapitan to Zamboanga Sibugay! Sheeesh... Looooonnggg journey.....I've eaten and drank about 2 slices of chocolate, 4 biscuits, 1 bowl of soup, 3 glasses of softdrinks, 1 glass of water, 4 pieces of Sinigang na Pork, and a few bits of dried mango bits.
Took a bath and prepared the bed.watched tv and talked with mommy.wrote 1 post to update my lovely folks! (sorry I have no pictures yet... I forgot to bring my bluetooth dongle too... darn...)Brushed my teeth, and gonna prepare to sleep... BFs already snorin' his lungs out...


Christmas Parties and Family Feuds


Yes, everybody's on leave already - or at least filing for leaves. But the current buzz around The Office right now is what gift they received in the manito-manita and who the heck gave it to them.

They were overly fussing over the remote-controlled car that University gave China(don't mind the codenames; you won't decipher it as easily even if you try... hehehe! just read on...). Funny thing was, it still had a price tag when China opened it. Hahaha.

And I, on the other hand, received a laptop skin... A yellow Winnie the Pooh Laptop skin... Hmmmm. Imagine.

Next up... The games proper. We had our version of Family Feud, and thanks to our IT guys, the effects were great - although we had a minor glitch at one of the questions, but it was workable. We all thought we won, but as it turned out, the group of Old MacDonald Had a Farm won! By just 7 points! Grrrh...

After about 2 sets of disco grooves from Indigo the group decided to play one last game - the classic "Bring …

Quote for the day: TUESDAY

Saw it as a status message of someone from the other branch...

Behind every great man is a WOMAN rolling her eyes...

I am to Write my Own Screenplay!

I'm supposed to be inspired enough to write my very own screenplay, but I seem to be too busy at the time.

I know I can do it 'coz I've tried writing short stories during high school and as far as I remember I've managed to solicit the very same reactions I imagined the story can pull out from the readers. Hmmmm.

I already have the plot in mind, and the possible main characters, the only thing I have to whip up are the twist and turns themselves and most of the conversational lines.

Okay so I'm a long way from having my screenplay used and made into a real movie. But hey, I already know people who want the exposure and who are willing to set things up. Then comes the issue on who plays what in the movie. I wouldn't want my lines go to waste because the actors are DUMB. Right? I watched some locally made "projects" and the way the lines were delivered came to a point where it can be described as disgusting. Anyway, FYI, the project I'm talking about w…

Pacquiao Wins, Marky's Dead, Dad's in the Net!

Today is the day after the famous fight of the year - Pacquiao and Dela Joya. Saw it live via webcast yesterday, and I was a tad disappointed. It appears as if Dela Joya deliberately wanted Pacquiao to win. Hmmm. Did you notice that too? How Oscar just wouldn't try half as hard as Manny did in the throwing of punches, and how carefree he appeared even when Manny was already pulverizing his face? Darn. It was NOT a very entertaining fight at all. But I enjoyed seeing Manny's punches hit Oscar's face. Hmmm.

And just as everyone was so happy about the result of the Dream Fight, Showbiz was grieving and a family was brokenhearted. Marky Cielo was found dead in his room early yesterday morning. News reports say it was "bangungot", in English, a nightmare so strange that you can't move and breathe naturally and a few more minutes of it and you're dead. Basically, they say people who have "bangungot" also goes into cardiac arrest after a few seconds or …

Manny Pacquiao - Oscar Dela Joya

Every blogger is hitting gold on these keywords, might as well join the ride....

The fight will be aired in the local stations here in the Philippines tomorrow, Sunday, December 7, 2008. I think GMA is airing it, and to attract a few channel surfers who just might want to change channels while waiting for the advertisements to end, ABS-CBN is airing Juday's famous movi with Ryan Agoncillo - Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo... tragic.

Hopefully our church services will end right before their fight starts, so we can belt out shouting for any of the two.

Twilight - What do I think?

I haven't seen it yet - if you're waiting for raves or rants about it - i haven't seen it. So bite me. Tell me I'm a loser or something. Or not. 'Coz I won't forgive you if you will. Hehehe.

Anyway, due to the growing fanaticism about the said movie and story and novel, I found a way to get my paws on a copy of the ebook of the sequel to Twilight - NEW MOON. Hmmm, so as a Christmas gift to my new subscribers, I'll give away a copy of the said ebook if you subscribe to my blog! And as an added bonus, if you subscribe to my twin's blog, The Office Chronicles, she'll give out the third book - ECLIPSE. Cool? Uhuh...

Cheers! Merry Christmas!

Vocabulary and Grammar: VERY IMPORTANT

As harsh as it sounds, vocabulary and grammar is surely a must when taking into consideration applications for specific job positions that may require report writing skills and face-to-face communication with both internal and external customers.

Something that most of our professionals and graduates now severely lack. These graduates and professionals I'm referring to came from state-of-the-art schools, or schools that are considered with very high standards. But it appears that that "high standard" has lowered as time passed by.

Right now, our graduates appear like nutshells when talking in front of large crowds or in front of a group of officers in a meeting. Duh. Even their writing skills are slowly dwindling. Straight and correct grammar is now a problem among our professionals. Something that is highly needed to be able to stay in position aside from your perseverance and technical skills. Vocabulary and grammar sits side by side charisma nowadays. So I beg your pard…

Quote for the Day: FRIDAY

... kung kaya ng iba ... 'pagawa mo sa kanila! ....

{if others can do it, then let them!}

Waiting for Them: Politics in our Office

While waiting for two people to come down here in our office to discuss a report before it's release, I decided to post something up.

I noticed that my blog subscribers has dwindled to just 7 in a span of two weeks, most likely due to lesser updates/posts. So here it is. A post to update.

Let's go back to the matter at hand. Yes, we're waiting for two people to come barging in so we can calmly discuss the contents of our audit report, which basically may, or may not, ruin their day, or the rest of their week. An incident has already happened last week when another person allegedly gone berserk in their office after being reprimanded while on an important meeting with the BigBoss. Darn. My "kids" told me they saw and heard this person shouting his lungs out for being told or asked what's happening to his department. Hmmm. Our problem now is how to deflect evil eyes and annoying stares during lunch, and every other available time for them to stare and knock their…

Ride the PUJ and Watch out for this Guy!

Since I was on the brink of bankruptcy, I decided to take the public utility jeepney or the PUJ for short. I stay in Labangon so I have to take two jeepney rides and 1 pedicab ride, if I really wanted to, to get home.

So I was just minding my own business when the PUJ stopped at Capitol and took in a few more passengers in its already full capacity. I’ve always wondered when in the heck do these jeepney makers measure the width of their “standard” passengers buttocks – they always come up with crazy numbers for their full capacity. Well, this PUJ I was in can “ideally” carry up to 22 passengers, not including the front seat and the driver – according to our driver’s assistant, or the Konduktor as we call them in vernacular.

Back to Capitol. There came in this bulky guy, a bit old for normal men who’d look a bit bulging. I think he liked to go to the gym in his younger days, I estimated he was between 38 - 43 years old, just about 5 feet 6 inches in height. Or something. He slumped to hi…

Full from Lunch Topic: Marriage

Went to Lunch at our favorite restaurant today. I'm still full from the meal, good thing I had coffee.

Anyway, Person A was with us during lunch and here's a funny story. Person A suddenly blurted out, "kelan ka magpapakasal Cathy?" ...[when are you getting married Cathy?] ... what the...?

Out of sheer shock and confusion, I just replied, "Malapit na..." [soon...] Hmmm, I just can't get over the fact that Person A managed to ask me that. Crazy.

So office updates and tasks to do:

1. Just finished a report which included pictures. Lots of 'em. The topic was "loitering during office hours". Interested?

2. Submitted the report also on the audit on meal coupons. Roughly about P300,000 monthly savings - but we still have to get the figures for the offset of costs. The Agency will be billing us for reimbursement of their meals. Narks.

3. Had several LSOPs in line, most of them are for revision. Some are already being used.

4. Have to prepare the Annual …

Product Launch & Me Speaker!

We had a one-hour product launching this morning and I was tasked to discuss the details of the said "product". Well, basically, it really wasn't a product, and it wasn't really a product launching... I was just kidding. Basically hiding the truth of the matter behind business jargon.

So this is what it really was: we're trying to implement something that will idealistically curb our expenses by 300,000 a month. Cool huh? Plus we get to monitor attendances and un-required overtimes, and nonsensical requests for more people. Even nicer - since we can hit more than one bird with this one stone.

And of course, we have the anti-change group. They say it's too much hassle. Yes it is! 100%! But the thing is, it gets less of a hassle over time. More practice makes perfect - with perfect implementation, more savings, less people, more compensation to go around. Right? Nice....And I spoke to the group. Yep, with my huge booming voice, my sarcastic side comments, and ann…

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Freebie if you Subscribe to The Blue Speckled Diary

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I'm giving away a freebie for new subscribers!

I can easily confirm your subscription if you availed it via email, but for RSS subscribers, just send me an email and I'll personally send the freebie to you as soon as possible. Or you can leave a comment at one of my posts.


What is Christmas to You?

Here are our opinions on several seasonal questions regarding Christmas....


"Ang mupilo, pildi"

[He who folds, loses.]

Sure God has a lot of Sense of Humor - We hope that too!

Bloopers in the Cabinet
Apparently Dureza assumed God and GMA had the same sense of humor:

"I’d like to do a light prayer... I’m sure the Lord also has a lot of sense of humor and my prayer was in that context. I said something about the hope that the President would have the tolerance to serve the nation even beyond 2010," he said.

"What was grounded off was my statement that she will perform beyond 2010 in her personal and private capacity. Everybody thought it was a slip on my part but it was intentional in a sense it was a light prayer... but some people did not get it right maybe they did not have that much sense of humor."


Obama returns the call, Finally!

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza also said in an interview that Obama called GMA at 3:17 a.m. and “reassured” her of “good relations between the Philippines and the US” under his administration. {Wow, that's like what, 3Pm in the US? …

Why I think PayDotCom is the Best Affiliate Marketplace on the Net!


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They give you cool tools like BLOG WIDGETS, and they even have an adve…

True Identity

Christmas Give Aways - Want One?

As usual, as a sign of peace among all people and also to encourage our patrons to continue their loyal contribution to our company pocket, we give out things on holidays such as Christmas. Usually, these are composed of calendars, mini-planners/organizers, pens, posters, etc. And for the VIPs, these consist of turkeys, cakes, big executive planners, wines, and other high value items.

For this year I overheard that the budget for giveaways for one branch has ballooned to almost 2 million. Where on heaven and earth will we get 2 million worth of nonsense but sometimes useful giveaways? Imagine? Two million just for one branch? Crazy.

Nonetheless, our suppliers are fidgeting back and forth, going insanely excited as to who will get the opportunity to bag the title, “Supplier for Xmas Giveaways”. Would someone calculate how much they’d get if they can get the 2M thing?! Hello?!

So I started browsing the net for companies within and outside the country, looking for a benchmark price. Guess w…

Wishing for my Own [dot]com Site

I have been blogging my way thru the internet since February of last year, and up until now, I haven’t got my own *.com site…. Terrible you might say, but heck, it’s too darn expensive. I just can’t afford it. Yet.

So one day I check my email. Ta dah… tad umm… ta dah… Aha!

Here’s one fancy email, it says “$1.99 Web Site, Includes hosting and more!”

Curiosity kills the cat. At least, this cat got caught off guard so I clicked on the email and read the details. Guess what? You can also avail of your very own website for as low as $1.99, they can also host it for you, they have 24/7 customer care, ...Just think –! Grrh...where you can eat your heart out ranting and raving about your issues on your new-found hobby – your website! You can even choose what extension your site will be under! There’s .com, .me, .info and other dot dots you can think of.

I don’t mind if you get your OWN WEBSITE earlier that I would, and I’d rather think it was because of my help that y…

Fight for What's Yours - Use Stabilo Boss!

I found it amusing, although it was verging on idiocy. She marked her territory using a highlighter - particularly a Stabilo Boss.

Office equipment, especially those of the likes of company-owned refrigerators, trashcans, printers, etc. are for general use. Hence some people deliberately think that if it's there, it's for public consumption too. Then comes the issue of who owns the food.

Once an edible article enters the beloved refrigerator to cool, it becomes public property. Every once and a while a lost soul with straight gray matter and dysfunctional hypothalamus presumes he, or she, can freely pig out on what's inside the darn coldbox. But then again, there are entrepreneurs in The Office, who for the sake of some profit rate, puts in his/her several pesos-worth of merchandise so everybody can get a whiff and salivate their ways into the day.

So here comes Person A. Person A decides to buy one of the merchandise. Person A pays and asks, quite loudly, "Person B, are…

My first Sony Experience is with my SONY Microcassette-corder with Clear Voice Plus

It was my very first personally owned Sony device.

I was a fresh graduate from BS Accountancy – on the brink of a burn-out, yet scheduled to take review classes for the upcoming board exam. We all know how morbidly “ill-reputed” CPA Board Exams are, most probably due to its high mortally rate – I mean the rate of passing compared to the number of persons who took the exam, the highest national passing rate I’ve heard of so far was from last October 2008’s exam which was about 33+%, if I’m not mistaken.

So I pleaded for the purchase of a recording device, and my Dad said it’s better to use a Sony, more durable, and he has used one during his college Med years. Also, because it already has an option to record even if the voices are faint, or to stop recording altogether if the background stays quiet or if there’s no one talking; this feature is what was termed as Clear Voice Plus. ...First Time mo?!...

A great literal plus since it lengthens the life of the battery and saves tape space. B…

LeBron James Famous Dunk Video!

MakeUp, Lunch and Juice

Just finished having lunch at our ever trusty canteen. Took the only veggies since I was grossed out looking at the other viands.

MC was trying out her new make-up bible - we termed it the make-up bible because it's container was as big as a notebook and it folded into three, basically looking like a book with a zip-up sleeve. She tried on green-ish eye shadow, two tones of lipcolor, and a light pink blush. She said she bought it for 500 bucks. I think it was overpriced.

Going back: during lunch of course we tried having polite and un-polite conversations, mostly of the new developments and the past of a news article, and MC had a lot to say. She was fuming at that certain "thing" {hehehe!} because what was indicated {I wouldn't say if it was written, said, or sang!} according to her was out of context. Besides, it appeared as if it was worsening things. IL on the other hand tried being on the side of the "thing", which turned the conversation into…

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Yesterday's Lunch among THEM

Or maybe not.

Yesterday's lunch was a bit...well...disturbing. Just imagine feeling 5 sets of eyes staring at you while you move along the way, peering through the plates debating with yourself whether to take that slice or not. Aside from staring, they were more talented this time, they were talking - and between several paragraphs, I imagine, they glance towards our table.

Hmmm... Games that people play. Didn't they realize that we were younger than any of them and that we may have more experience playing these kinds of "war" games in our youth? {which was of course, not so long ago...} So what we did was, I told X & Y that we were being talked about in the other table and about what I was about to do which was....

I told them that we are to continue talking about anything, but I warned them that I was about to launch something that may, or may not, aggravate the situation. I motioned them to continue whatever that was that we were talking about and I will continu…

Chained! - Leave your Link!


Image in the Post Footer

I decided to transfer the image from my post title to my post footer 'coz I think my blog looks too cluttered.

So what I did is to just cut and paste the code:

background: url('IMAGE URL HERE') no-repeat right center;

from my post title code (h2) to my .post-footer codes...

If I get a bit annoyed 'coz it still looks cluttered, then I might decide to delete the image altogether.